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Happy 2019!

Announcing our October entries as part of the Chicago Architectural Biennial:

Saturday October 19 at 8 PM at First United Church of Oak Park





Tuesday October 22 at 4 PM at Rockefeller Chapel

free. Part of the Tea & Pipes series.

We will also be performing private house concerts (Rookerween IV) on October 26 and October 31, with updates distributed by e-mail.

In deference to the cicadas and heat, we are foregoing our traditional August outing, but using that time to prepare for the fall.

Many of us are in the wonderful project King Solomon's Singers led by our own Tom Crawford; find us at St. Josaphat (Lincoln Park) on August 17: 


Follow some side adventures of Matt, Joe, and Mike at His Majesty's Men, and Bill and company at the Oriana Singers.

In 2018, we collaborated with Artemisia Trio and King Solomon's Singers: 

Saturday, September 22 at St. Josaphat, Lincoln Park, 7:30 PM

Sunday, September 23 at First United Oak Park, 3 PM 

Tickets at the door - no reservation required.

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